MAC Cine Foro: “Perfume de gardenias”

As part of the “Novenario” exhibition, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico [Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (MAC)] invites you to the screening of Perfume de gardenias, directed by Gisela Rosario Ramos (aka “Macha Colón”). For this event, a vaccination certificate and use of mask is required at all times.

Perfume de gardenias has been described as “a Caribbean story that touches on the universal theme of death in a piece created by a mostly female production team.” “Novenario,” on view at the MAC located at 1057 Juan Ponce de León Avenue in Santurce, Puerto Rico, is on view until the end of March (2022). [Also see previous posts Film: Perfume de gardenias, “Meet Macha Colón,” and “Novenario.”]

As Cine Foro describes:

The aesthetics of the film—in which colorful and unusual installations stand out: funerals—has been created in an unconventional way by a team of artists from different disciplines of the art field.

This is a film that pays tribute to the mothers who are caregivers in Puerto Rican families. The project, carried out in co-production with Colombia, is conceived as an inter-multidisciplinary artistic project (including other performance components) as is the work of its writer and director, Macha Colón.

Gisela Rosario “Macha Colón” is the director, screenwriter, and producer of Perfume de gardenias. In addition, she is a musician and cultural producer. She has won awards as a screenwriter and director of short films, while recording music under the alter ego of Macha Colón, a star of the independent rock scene in Puerto Rico. Her filmography includes El hijo de Ruby (Documentary, 2014), Cartas de amor para una ícona (Documentary feature film, 2017), Perfume de gardenias (Fictional feature film, 2021) among others.

Description above translated by Ivette Romero. For more information, see Cine Foro.

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