Dominican Transdisciplinary Artist Ana María López Believes Dance & Art are Viable Instruments for Integrated Health

Ana María López is pioneering an objective stance suggesting that dance and art should be incorporated into emotional, spiritual, and corporeal therapy

For many centuries since the beginning of life on the earth, humankind has sought ways to achieve healing and improve the quality of life. Diverse strategies, principles, systems, and more have been employed over the years by people groups, cultures, and societies for healing purposes. With modernization, healing and therapy strategies have enjoyed a massive boost but more needs to be done.

The methods used to relieve pain and suffering vary from person to person. Still, a growing body of evidence suggests that artistic therapies play a crucial role in recovery. Dance and art therapies have become an established form of healing, and Dominican Transdisciplinary artist Ana María López believes they can do more than the world knows. Ana suggests that over and above what dance and art therapies are used for at the moment, they should be incorporated into emotional, spiritual, corporeal therapy.

Recently at the “Parenthesis, Tales of Uncertainty” exhibition opened in the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo, Ana provided an interactive sculpture, the ‘Dos Metros de Distancia.’ According to Ana, the sculpture, which means 6ft apart in Spanish, induces reflections on how social distancing has impacted mental health and how people relate with other bodies today.

“When people interact with my work, I want them to recognize that the possibility of healing also exists in them and that creativity is always available to work on and cultivate,” explained Ana María López. “Some of my work Induces reflection on how social distancing has impacted our mental health and the way in which we relate to other bodies.”

Art and dance are powerful tools to awaken the soul and bring balance, energy, and harmony to the body. Ana considers movement as a tool that allows her to express herself, broaden her understanding of what integrated health is, and cultivate new corporealities. She believes both dance and art can be used to deliver specific therapeutic interventions.

About Ana María López

Ana López is a Dominican Transdisciplinary Artist, who uses dance and art as emotional, spiritual, and corpo-real therapy. Under this concept, Ana premiered the performance “IMPERMANENCIA: La Muerte Como Renacimiento” in 2021 at the Pier of Santo Domingo.

The author describes this multisensory performance as a “dance ritual where she let go of the grief, closing its due cycles and at the same time integrating the parts of her that have been reborn in this process.”

Her piece “Dos Metros de Distancia” can be enjoyed until February 26, 2022, at the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo. After closing in the Dominican Republic, it will also travel to 18 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, among others.

Connect with Ana María López on Instagram @anamueveflore for more information and updates.

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