Pantone’s New Color Is Inspired by the Sunshine in Puerto Rico

Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sharing this article by Kelly Allen (House Beautiful) and all related links. [Those who know me well must know that I am in love with that red-orange hue; “Puerto Rico Sunshine,” indeed!]

Good news, sunrise and sunset lovers: Pantone has a new limited-edition color that’s practically golden hour in a can! The iconic color company partnered with Discover Puerto Rico to create a red-orange hue inspired by Puerto Rican sunlight.

The color—fittingly dubbed Puerto Rico Sunshine—is literally a combination of the sunbeams that grace the island throughout the day, thanks to research by Puerto Rican physicist and professor at the University of Puerto Rico Hector J. Jimenez, PhD. He determined the color of the sun’s light using “various existing models of the solar radiation and the atmosphere at different moments throughout the day in several locations throughout the island,” according to a press release.

“Puerto Rico has so much sunshine to spare,” Leah Chandler, CMO of Discover Puerto Rico, said in the release. She continued: “As the gloomy winter is upon much of the United States, we’re sharing the color of our sunshine to energize and revitalize people, especially during these coldest and darkest months. We want to encourage travelers to keep Puerto Rico in their plans for 2022 as the Island’s tropical charm is just a short plane ride away. While not everyone may be ready to travel at this moment, they can incorporate the Island’s sunshine in their home as inspiration.”

Available as water-based paint from the eco-friendly brand ECOS Paints, the rich color can bring warmth to any space. Puerto Rican designer Cristina Villalón suggests using it to brighten up interiors, like creating an accent wall or revamping a piece of old furniture. Can’t wait to get your hands on the color? Shop it here.

For original post, see

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Abduzeedo, February 1, 2022

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Revista Viajar, 7 febrero 2022

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