“Diario, Habana 1804” Alexander von Humboldt

Maribel Duarte González at the José Martí National Library announced that Alexander von Humboldt’s personal journal on Havana, written in 1804, is available to download as a PDF. This edition was edited by historian Michael Zeuske (Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS / University of Bonn).

The book Diario Habana 1804, Humboldt’s original diary, written in Havana, is available below for download in PDF.

This first edition in Spanish of the lost diary of Alexander von Humboldt is part of the publications of Ediciones Bachiller, publishing house of the BNCJM [Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí] and was launched at the headquarters of the José Martí National Library on October 21, as part of the activities for the celebration of its 120th anniversary.

Attached file: DIARIO HABANA 1804 HUMBOLT.pdf

For related articles, also see http://www.cubaliteraria.cu/diario-habana-1804-tambien-en-formato-digital/, http://cubarte.cult.cu/periodico-cubarte/presentada-primera-edicion-mundial-en-espanol-de-diario-habana-1804-de-humboldt/, and https://www.granma.cu/cultura/2021-10-22/humboldt-vuelve-a-la-habana

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