More to come from model Alicia Burke

The Jamaica Observer follows recent developments in the fashion career of Jamaican model Alicia Burke. [Shown above and below, photos from L’Officiel India.]

The pace has been blistering for Vogue covergirl Alicia Burke, but the Pulse supermodel is going about her work with a quiet cool and calm.

While acknowledging that 2021 was a stellar year, 2022 she said is going to be even better. The model had to cut short her Christmas holidays and was off to London for multiple shoots and a meeting with the directors of famed British designer, Vivienne Westwood. This capped off a year of strong editorials and campaigns for the top model. Based in New York, Burke said she has been busy in the US as well as London. “I’ve been on the move the whole year, between New York, San Francisco, LA for my big clients such as Neiman Marcus, Laura Mercier, Banana Republic etc. It was cool to be back on my first stomping ground in London, where I got my international start after winning the model search and Kingsley took me there. I’ve got some great gigs coming out in the Spring 2022, so look out.”

Early in 2021 Burke scored another Elle cover and starred in a stunning cover and 10-page editorial spread for L’Officiel magazine, shot in Portland. She would then cap off the working season with the Tommy Hilfiger Christmas campaign shot on the streets of New York. “It was lively and full of joy. Can you tell from all that grinning? It was a lot of fun, and I think the photos showed that. We were in the streets dancing and having a good time. I was happy that they kept my braids. It’s great that we are now having a better variety of styles in the campaigns these days.”

The Caribbean Model Search TV winner noted how grateful she is for the work she continues to produce, despite the pandemic. With a nice balance of campaign and editorial work, Burke said she is keen to maintain her world top-ranking status as being among the best in the industry.

“I feel blessed to have had all the chances to do brilliant work which has allowed me to travel all over the world. I mean, I’m a girl who grew up with my grandma in Old Harbour with very little, so it is a great privilege. Gratitude is a must,” she says through laughter.

With multiple campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Bobby Brown, Burke noted that her modelling career has given her great opportunities, financial independence and has enabled her to make good investments in property.

But, she says, “I’m after more beauty campaigns and more covers. I’m always eager to move my career to another level, but I’m still that girl. The girl in me loves dressing up and looking beautiful. I love the travel, although sometimes I still get homesick,” she shared.

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