New Issue: L’Esprit Créateur 61:3 (Édouard Glissant’s Thought)

The Fall issue of L’Esprit Créateur (61:3), entitled His Legacy Relates: Édouard Glissant’s Thought in Literature and Culture, was published in November 2021. This issue was edited by Renée Larrier and Georgette Mitchell. See Table of Contents below:

Table of Contents

His Legacy Relates: Édouard Glissant’s Thought in Literature and Culture

Author(s): Renée LarrierGeorgette Mitchell

Pages: 1 – 13

Tout-monde, chaos-monde, the DOM, and Caribbean Dance: Inscribing Community Identity in Gerty Dambury’s Les rétifs

Author(s): H. Adlai Murdoch

Pages: 14 – 29

Drawing Glissant’s Unimaginable in Sylvain Savoia’s Les esclaves oubliés de Tromelin

Author(s): Franck H. Andrianarivo

Pages: 30 – 47

Dany Laferrière’s Diasporic Creation and détours through Haitian Painting

Author(s): Claire Reising

Pages: 48 – 63

Gaël Faye: Intermediality and Creolization from Pili pili to Petit pays

Author(s): Julia Praud

Pages: 64 – 77

“There and Elsewhere”: The Land Down Under and the World-Archipelago

Author(s): Dashiell Moore

Pages: 78 – 94

Sport as Glissantian Relation in the Works of Roland Barthes, Roch Carrier, and Fatou Diome

Author(s): Roxanna Curto

Pages: 95 – 110

Relationality, Discontinuity, and (Hi)stories: The Errantry and Opacity of Maryse Condé’s Desirada

Author(s): Amanda González Izquierdo

Pages: 111 – 124

Glissantian Dis/Engagements and Dis/Entanglements: Maryse Condé’s and Patrick Chamoiseau’s Narratives of Af/Filiation

Author(s): Simone A. James Alexander

Pages: 125 – 142

Édouard Glissant, Philosopher: Heraclitus and Hegel in the Whole-World by Alexandre Leupin (review)

Author(s): Rebecka Rutledge Fisher

Pages: 143 – 144

Le Théâtre du Soleil: The First Twenty-Five Years by Béatrice Picon-Vallin (review)

Author(s): Julia Dobson

Pages: 144 – 145

The Erotics of Materialism: Lucretius and Early Modern Poetics by Jessie Hock (review)

Author(s): Natania Meeker

Pages: 145 – 145

A Regarded Self: Caribbean Womanhood and the Ethics of Disorderly Being by Kaiama L. Glover (review)

Author(s): Bonnie Thomas

Pages: 146 – 146

Une bête entre les lignes : Essai de zoopoétique by Anne Simon (review)

Author(s): Cristina Álvares

Pages: 146 – 147

Discomfort Food: The Culinary Imagination in Late Nineteenth-Century French Art by Marni Reva Kessler (review)

Author(s): Michael D. Garval

Pages: 147 – 148

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