Felipe VI, King of Spain, would travel to Puerto Rico at the end of January for the Fifth Centennial of San Juan

A report from The Goa Spotlight.

The king of Spain, Philip VI, will travel to Puerto Rico this month to celebrate the Fifth Centennial of the founding of the city of San Juan, announced this Tuesday the mayor of the capital, Miguel Romero.

The mayor explained that the monarch accepted the invitation to travel to San Juan that he made during his visit to Spain last November, when Romero participated in the General Assembly of the Union of Ibero-American Cities.

“The visit of the King of Spain this month is part of what we are doing to position San Juan as a unique destination in the Caribbean”Romero noted in an interview with local radio WKAQ.

The municipal executive indicated that “details will be given soon” of Felipe VI’s trip to San Juan, which It is shuffled to take place between January 24 and 26.

The monarch will hold meetings with Romero and with the governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, during his stay on the island, according to official sources.

In addition to this more political part, the trip has an eminently cultural and historical character, due to the celebrations of the Fifth Centennial, and economic.

Felipe VI will visit various cultural institutions and attend an economic forum in which Spanish and Puerto Rican companies will participate.

Felipe VI traveled to Puerto Rico for the first time as king in March 2016, when he inaugurated with the queen Letizia the VII International Congress of the Spanish Language (CILE) in San Juan.

Now the city celebrates the five centuries of its foundation in 1521 by the Spanish and, therefore, “it is important that San Juan is on the international map,” according to Mayor Romero.

The first Spanish settlers arrived on the island of Puerto Rico in 1493, but it was in 1521 that the first governor Juan Ponce de León relocated the capital city of the original settlement in Caparra to what is now known as Old San Juan.

The Fifth Centennial ceremonies have been extended until this year due to complications arising in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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