Study Finds That Reggaeton Promotes More Healthy Brain Activity Than Any Other Music Genre

A report by Karla Montalván for People en Español.

In the last twenty years, reggaeton music has become one of the most popular music genres worldwide. In 2021, Bad Bunny became the most streamed artist on Spotify, while other artists such as Karol GRauw Alejandro and J Balvin have topped the music charts across every streaming platform.

There’s no questioning the genre has got the world perreando, but now a recent study published in the Neuroscience academic journal by scientists from the Canary Islands and Finland states that listening to the genre evokes more brain activity than other form of music—including classical.

The study, named “Music Style Not Only Modulates the Auditory Cortex, but Also Motor Related Areas,” explains the data gathered by examining the brain activity of 28 different people while they sampled music within the genres of classical, folk, electronic and reggaeton.

During the study, researchers found that when participants listened to reggaeton, there was significantly more brain activity than with other genres.

For the study, scientists ensured the participants had no musical training and used an fMRI to analyze areas of interest in the brain that included the basal ganglia (pleasure and emotions), those with auditory activity (sound processing) and motor skills (movement).

Dr. Jesús Martín-Fernández, the lead investigator on the study and neurological resident at Our Lady of Candelaria University Hospital in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, blended his passions for neurosurgery and music composition for this study, which became viral soon after its publication.

“What we’ve seen is that all of the motor areas, the pyramidal area, and the basal ganglia, reggaeton activates it much more than any other genre,” he told “One of the interesting pieces of the study is that we’ve eliminated linguistic content, it’s only instrumental music.”

Martín-Fernández also told the Washington Post that the areas of the brain observed in the study can be helpful in finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Additionally, the emotions caused by reggaeton in the body connect us to the rhythms of our ancestors, which is key to aiding those with Parkinson’s disease.

Now you know, the best solution to keeping a healthy brain is el perreo.

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