The Witcher’s J’can character: Julene Robinson

A report by Denieca for Buzz Caribbean.

Jamaican actress Julene Robinson has landed a supporting role on one of the most-watched Netflix series, The Witcher.

The acting newcomer plays a barmaid in episode five of the series, where she can be heard speaking in Jamaican patois.

Speaking with OBSERVER ONLINE, Robinson shared that she was in Jamaica when she learned that she had landed the role, noting that COVID-19 had delayed the show’s production.

“I auditioned around late 2019. We were supposed to film in 2019. But then COVID happened. And then they had to push it back,” Robinson said.

“I was in Jamaica when I heard that we were going to be filming soon. Because everything had shut down, so I was in Jamaica for Christmas. I had to leave Jamaica to come back to London to film in January. And that was quite a journey to get from Jamaica back to London; it took a lot of effort to get back here,” Robinson added.

Robinson shared that despite the filming process being very smooth, injuries and COVID delays made the process much longer. She said she was super excited when she found out that the new season would air in December.

“It is a small role but because of the series being fantasy, it is a world we’re all welcomed in. And the funny thing about it is, this season, we have a black woman, Adjoa Andoh, who was in Bridgerton. And she plays in her Ghanaian accent,” said Robinson.

“In this season of The Witcher, there are multiple differing sounds that you’re hearing and that makes it not jarring, like she is not a part of this world kind of thing,” added Robinson, explaining that the patois she speaks in the show blends perfectly with the other dialects being heard in the series.  

Robinson, who has a degree in Chemistry from the University of the West Indies, believes that having been a part of The Witcher will help expose her to mainstream acting roles.

 “This is my first Netflix, mainstream television kind of role. And I definitely expect it to open a lot of doors,” she said.

“Right now I am rather busy with the Bob Marley musical, which is another platform that is world renowned and I am playing in that every night on the West End,” she added.

In addition to her chemistry degree, Robinson also has a Master’s Degree in Theatre from Rose Bruford College in south London.

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