Calls for Drax Hall to be opened to public as Barbados becomes a republic

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Ayshah Tull reports on the Drax Plantation for Channel 4 News. See previous post The shadow of slavery hangs over the gilded life of Richard Drax. Tull introduces the video:

Removing the Queen as head of state is seen as the final step for Barbados in cutting ties with its colonial past, a past haunted by nearly 200 years of brutal enslavement.

James Drax was one of the first plantation owners in Barbados, and a pioneer of slavery in the Caribbean. His ancestor Richard Drax, who’s the Conservative MP for South Dorset, is now set to inherit that same plantation. We investigated how that is being received in Barbados.

See video here:


Video link:

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