Jason Bereswill: “Exploring Islands”

The Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) permanent collection now includes Jason Bereswill’s “Grape Bay Lawn,” which is now on view in their collective exhibition Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape. The BNG announced:

Amongst the sweeping panoramas on display in Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape, Jason Bereswill’s Grape Bay Lawn stands out like a beacon, the magnitude of the 66 x 50 inch oil painting capturing the attention of visitors, drawn in by its rich photorealist detail.

Whilst the painting will come down in January when the show closes, Jason has generously donated the work to the Bermuda National Gallery and it will now be housed in our permanent collection, to be used for education and exhibition purposes, and to be enjoyed by visitors to the gallery for years to come.

After completing an MFA at the New York Academy of Art in 2005, Jason secured a place on an artist residency programme at the Eden Rock hotel in St Barths. It was to be the beginning of a fascination with islands for the American artist, whose work is rooted in travel and the exploration of foreign landscapes and takes in the rock formations and dense foliage of St Barths, alongside studies of Bermuda’s sweeping South Shore and the tree-lined trails of the Adirondacks.

Jason’s interest in the intricacies of the natural world is evident in his portfolio of Bermuda works. Rocky and vast sheets of limestone dominate Horseshoe Bay, while refractions of sunlight dance on the waters below the dark caverns at Admiralty House. By contrast, Grape Bay Lawn draws the eye to the manicured gardens of Paget onto which dense palm groves creep at the edges, a reminder of the power of mother nature and our futile attempts to tame her.

We caught up with the artist to discuss the pull that Bermuda has on him and how, whilst grounded in his studio in New Jersey, his paintings of the island provide a window to our shores.

Click here to read the interview. 

[Shown above: “The Grape Bay Lawn,” by Jason Bereswill, 2019. Oil on canvas. Collection of Bermuda National Gallery.]

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