Faire Monde(s): Issue 2 “Artist collectives, Alternative initiatives”

The second issue of Faire Monde(s) is organized around the theme “Collectifs d’artistes, Initiatives alternatives” [Artist collectives, Alternative initiatives]. Faire Monde(s) will publish an article every Friday (with the exception of December 24 and 31). The first article in this series is Patrick Chamoiseau’s “Face aux visites de la Beauté” (published in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.) 

Description: Faced with a global context and underpinned by an artistic conception of engagement, many popular initiatives began, appearing in numerous peripheries. Art reasserts itself here as a true system of social transformation. Which are these spaces of sovereignty in the art world: artists’ collectives, alternative exhibition venues, alternative education … How are these initiatives represented in the Caribbean?

Table of Contents

  • “Face aux visites de la Beauté” Patrick Chamoiseau (Martinique)
  • “Operatorias de colaboración artística en el arte cubano” Yenny Hernández Valdés (Cuba)
  • “Tools of Renewal: Tania Bruguera and Arte Útil” Florent Delval (Belgium)
  • “Kcho: Obras que son obras” Corina Matamoros (Cuba)
  • “A conversation between Alice Yard (Trinidad) et Beta Local (Puerto Rico)” Maica Gugolati (France)
  • “Curatorial Multivocality through Caribbean Collaborations” Natalie McGuire-Batson (Barbados)
  • “Conversation with Tirzo Martha about the Instituto Buena Bista” Myrtha Richards (Martinique)
  • “La communauté Atis Rezistans” Gerald Alexis (Haiti)
  • “Minorit’Art, la création nécessaire d’un éco-système ‘à la marge’: dépasser l’injonction au régime de visibilité concédé pour tendre vers une zone de friction” Daisy Lambert (France)
  • “L’art des Antilles françaises: une fabrique de ponts de Cultures Caribéens” Mickaël Caruge (Martinique)
  • “La inevitable simbiosis creadora de Quintapata” Raquel Païewonsky (Dominican Republic)

[Photo of Patrick Chamoiseau above by Jean-Luc de Laguarigue.]

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