Community filmmaking in Cuba (en tiempos de pandemia)

The Caribbean Film Forum and the Caribbean Studies Association present a virtual film screening and conversation with academic Armando Navarro and film producer Pedro Martin Navarro on Saturday, December 11, 2:00-4:00pm (GMT-5). The event will be held in Spanish and moderated by Dunja Fehimović (Newcastle University) and Thalía Diaz Vieta (Universidad Iberoamericana de Mexico).

The Audiovisual Movement in Nuevitas (Movimiento Audiovisual en Nuevitas – M.A.N) was born in a small coastal town of no more than 38,000 inhabitants in central Cuba and is, perhaps, the closest representation of that truly alternative cinema to which Humberto Solás referred when he founded the Gibara Poor Film Festival. This past summer would be the tenth edition of the Festival of the Audiovisual Movement in Nuevitas, Hieroscopia. But we have all witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Thus arose this peculiar proposal of HIEROSCOPIA 9.1, Against Wind and Pandemic. Showing their particular resilience in the face of adverse circumstances, its organizers have called for an intermediate edition between 9 and 10, with a digital and home format; something like a rehearsal of what is to come when they can celebrate in situ and without restrictions with of efforts, results, and reinventions that bear the seal of the house. A way to continue promoting a space for the community that has been generated around the movement to meet and communicate in the only common language: film and art.

To attend this event via Zoom, join us on the Caribbean Film Forum page, where it will be streamed live:

About Caribbean Film Forum: Caribbean Film Forum aims to contribute to the development of a network of filmmakers, curators, scholars, and film lovers around the shifting, sometimes-elusive, but always dynamic category of ‘Caribbean film’. Crossing physical and linguistic borders, we strive to facilitate contacts and conversations that put the spotlight on Caribbean film and film in the Caribbean – a Caribbean that expands out from the islands and mainland territories around the Caribbean Sea to diasporic populations all over the world. Please get in touch with us if you would like to propose an event.

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