Sherece Rainford’s vision for Gallery OCA is coming to life

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Voice Online reports on Gallery OCA, the brainchild and labor of love of Sherece Rainford. The article underlines that the “London venue is the first gallery platform in the UK exclusively dedicated to the mission of supporting, promoting and showcasing the work of artists of Caribbean heritage.”

Positioning themselves as a conduit for ‘transnational art sales’ of Caribbean origin and acting as a centre point providing support for artist from the region, Gallery OCA in London, will launch their inaugural physical exhibition next month.

A gallery established by Sherece Rainford to support, promote and showcase the work of artists of Caribbean heritage, the venue kicked off with the reveal of Corporeality: Paintings by Anthony Daley, an exhibition of recent paintings by the critically acclaimed British artist.

The exhibition will run from December 7-12 at Cromwell Place in the heart of London in South Kensington and marks the start of a year of programming from this emerging new gallery. Originally from Jamaica, Daley creates luminous colour saturated paintings with brooding colours and tender lighting.

Dedicated to telling the story of Caribbean artists, Rainford has set her sights on drawing people into a new way of discovering and learning about art of the islands. “The Caribbean is being recognised as a site of shared histories and a space that has contributed vastly to the cultures of the world,” she explained to the Voice.

She added: “The fact that The Tate has a dedicated exhibition celebrating Caribbean art is reflective of a new acknowledgement by the art world of these great artists. “While the UK continues to develop initiatives to present its complex relationship with the Caribbean, there has yet to be an initiative that seeks to financially support individuals of Caribbean descent working within the cultural sector. Gallery OCA will provide a centre for transnational art sales within this area. It is vital that a stable base and network is developed to promote and support these artists who are currently unrepresented.”

Rainford’s mission will see Gallery OCA contribute to rectifying injustices for Black artists that exist within the cultural sector, focusing on those of Caribbean descent. These issues relate not only to visibility within exhibition spaces, but also within the art market, where Caribbean artists are not receiving adequate support or representation. 

The art market attracts high spending tourists to the UK: according to the British Art Market Foundation, cultural tourism as a whole generates expenditure of £11.6 billion which supports 270,000 jobs.

Gallery OCA seek to contribute to the democratisation of these opportunities, which will ultimately benefit all members of society: contributing to enhanced social mobility and acting as an inspiration to other future initiatives. The organisation also seeks to be a safe space for individuals to learn more about investing in art, creating a practice often found outside of the Black communities as a way of building generational wealth.

For original article, see

Art exhibition: “Anthony Daley: Corporeality”
Hosted by: Gallery OCA
Dec. 8, 2021 – Dec. 12, 2021
Gallery 7, Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JE

More about the online Gallery OCA:

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