Online seminar: “Confronting Caribbean Heritage in an Archipelago of Diversity”

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Peter E. Siegel will present “Confronting Caribbean heritage in an archipelago of diversity” tomorrow, Friday, December 3, 2021, at 2:00pm AST. Dr. Siegel (Department of Anthropology, Montclair State University) is a Fulbright scholar (2021–2022) in the Department of History & Archaeology, University of the West Indies-Mona. This talk is hosted by The History Forum, Department of History and Philosophy, UWI at Cave Hill-Barbados.

Description: Geopolitically, the Caribbean archipelago is defined as a series of independent island nations and overseas departments, territories, colonies, or commonwealths of developed countries. About 250 generations of human occupations in the Caribbean produced a myriad of influences and ever-changing blends of sociocultural formations, sometimes called a ‘cultural kaleidoscope.’ Eight-thousand years of kaleidoscopic shifts in cultural traditions are associated with richly textured heritages imprinted on Caribbean landscapes, and in the sea, in the forms of archaeological, architectural, documentary, and ecological records and memories and traditions referred to in toto as ‘heritagescapes.’

Caribbean heritagescapes are increasingly threatened through a combination of very real socioeconomic needs of modern society, ineffective governmental oversight, profit-driven multinational corporations, looters, and natural environmental processes. Balancing the needs of society against the ethics of heritage consideration require careful thought and measured dialogue across competing stakeholders. The status of heritage consideration in the Caribbean is reviewed and we offer a discussion for proceeding in managing an ever-dwindling supply of heritage resources in the face of current socioeconomic demands and unique legislative environments of independent island nations and overseas possessions of developed countries.

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Meeting ID: 940 9715 7332
Passcode: 070014


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