Art Exhibition: “Entretelas” Antonio Martorell & Friends

A new exhibition by Antonio Martorell (and his friends) and curated by Humberto Figueroa—”Entretelas”—opened in October and is still on view at the Museum of the Americas in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. [The word “entretelas” may refer to interlining in reference to sewing garments, to express profound feelings, or to refer to intimate details— the ins and outs—of a person or situation.] Here are excerpts from El Adoquín Times.

In October the Museum of the Americas (MLA) brings a new exhibition by Antonio Martorell and a dynamic calendar of activities that add to its rich current exhibition offerings, announced executive director, María A. López Vilella. Entretelas is the name of the new exhibition by maestro Antonio Martorell and his friends, which will open to the public on Friday, October 15, 2021.

The Entretelas exhibition by Antonio Martorell is composed of seventy-five works on various themes that invite reflection on the biological family, the chosen family, and the global community that all support the struggle against so much adversity today. [. . .]

Professor Humberto Figueroa, curator of the exhibition, said, “The recovery of the state of grace after the disasters that have affected us in the past four years is a task of greater relevance. The misfortunes caused by misgovernment, seasonal hurricanes on the Atlantic and Caribbean routes, the multiplication and mutation of the pandemic virus, the tremors and earthquakes are forcing changes in everyday life in Puerto Rico.” Antonio Martorell’s exhibition includes a public program that includes talks and guided tours that will be announced through the social networks of the Museum of the Americas.

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For full article (in Spanish), see

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