Documentary Film: “El accidente feliz,” on Antonio Martorell’s life and work

El accidente feliz—the documentary film directed by writer, actor, and filmmaker Paloma Suau on the life and artistic trajectory of leading Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell—will be showing at Caribbean Cinema in Plaza del Caribe, Ponce, on Monday, November 15. Metro announced that both artist and director will be present to speak to audiences after the 6:50pm screening. Metro reports

Maestro Antonio Martorell and director Paloma Suau will share with the public attending the 6:50 pm screening of the documentary “El accidente feliz” at the Caribbean Cinema at Plaza del Caribe in Ponce, next Monday, November 15th. During the discussion, the public will have the opportunity to share with Martorell and Suau their experiences in shooting this documentary, which has impacted many viewers through its screenings in San Juan and now in Ponce.

“El accidente feliz,” which was shown with great success in theaters in San Juan, but was interrupted by the pandemic, presents the philosophy of life and lessons of Maestro Martorell. The masterful documentary delves into the life of the acclaimed artist as an insatiable creator, tireless worker and teacher, from his childhood in the 1930’s, his subsequent residence in Washington DC and Mexico, and his return to island life.

“El accidente feliz” includes the participation of prominent personalities including novelist and playwright Luis Rafael Sánchez; director and professor Rosa Luis Marqués (one of the painter’s main collaborators); baritone Justino Díaz; actress Camille Carrión and filmmaker Gabriel Suau (Paloma’s parents and Martorell’s collaborators for decades); singers Marc Anthony, Lucecita Benítez, and Glenn Monroig; actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda; and artist, theater director, and creator of Agua Sol y Sereno, Pedro Adorno; among others.

As if that were not enough, “El accidente feliz” embellishes with its original compositions by legendary Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and composer Alberto Carrión and works by Luis D. Ramírez, Eduardo Alfonso Zayas, and Mahya Veray.

Translated by Ivette Romero. For original article, in Spanish, see

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