Edge Zones presents “Caribbean Links”

Edge Zones Centre for Contemporary Art presents “Caribbean Links,” a Conversation/Breakfast event to be held on December 3, 10:00am to 12 noon. [Live streaming through facebook.com/edgezones.org/.]

Description: Within the scope of Art Week Miami, Caribbean Links presents new initiatives and strategies for Caribbean art and artists based regionally and the diaspora.  This program includes María Elena Ortiz (Pérez Art Museum Miami), Susanna Temkin (El Museo del Barrio), Amanda Coulson (TERN Gallery, Bahamas), Amy Galpin (Frost Art Museum, FIU) and Luis Graham Castillo (independent curator), Dominican Republic. This conversation explores the relationship between the Caribbean and its diasporic artists, along with the insecurity and vulnerability of these connections as seen from both sides of the Atlantic. Each presenter will share their experiences in developing initiatives to strengthen diasporic creative circuits. In considering how Caribbean networks and creative relationships can improve, this program explores how artists, institutions, and galleries can work together to support both the artists in the region and the artists in the diaspora.

Some questions that would be addressed are: How do current initiatives change pre-existing dynamics? How do we create greater connections between the diaspora and the Caribbean countries? 

What should a creative industry look like that seeks answers to pressing issues we are facing today? How can we build stronger networks? How can art and culture contribute to the fragile ecosystem in which we live?

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