Michel Pérez Pollo at the Brownstone Foundation (Paris)

The Brownstone Foundation is pleased to host Michel Pérez Pollo (Manzanillo, 1981). This exhibition opened on October 16 and will be on view through November at the Brownstone Foundation, 26 Rue Saint-Gilles, Paris⁠, France.

Description: Michel Pérez Pollo is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Cuban painters of his generation. His works – which vary from small to large format – and his naive style make him a singular artist within contemporary Cuban painting. “His paintings transfigure objects that he recycles, combines, assembles and models from sculptures made with modeling clay, wood, stone, fruit…, to physically question the act of looking, observing, scrutinizing the appearance and essence of things. His work is born of a conscious deviation from our empirical conception of the world; it has the poetic power to determine its different perspectives and to stop time, the right human time, by stretching it to energize space and see the immanence of things appear.” [Patrick Javault, Home-Street-Museum, Les Presses du réel, 2010].

For more information, see http://brownstonefoundation.org/michel-perez-pollo-from-october-16-to-november-2021/

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