Exhibition: Gustavo Acosta “A Series of Unconnected Thoughts”

[Many thanks to Teo Freytes (MSA Xperimental) for bringing this item to our attention.] Gustavo Acosta “A Series of Unconnected Thoughts,” curated by Dennys Matos, is on view at LnS Gallery 2021, Miami, Florida.

Description: LnS GALLERY is honored to present Gustavo Acosta: A Series of Unconnected Thoughts, showcasing the most recent, and timely body of acrylic on canvas paintings that reflect the fragmented realities experienced throughout a unique moment in human history. Completed entirely in 2020, this pertinent exhibition is Acosta’s first solo show at LnS Gallery curated by Dennys Matos.

Acosta describes his work as, “an investigation into the human condition, utilizing as testimony not the individual, but the individual’s creative footprint.” Inspired by everything from American realism, architecture, and action painting, his interpretation of architecture as an emblem of power explores the social and political aspects that buildings represent.

This new series of works by Acosta uses his iconic style of vibrant, profound imagery of urban settings, at times intervened by a human presence or besieged by unruly nature, in conjuring intense moods in a reflection of lived realities. Recognizable structures from the cities in which he has lived and visited: from Havana and Mexico City to Madrid, New York, and Miami, become the concrete formations within each composition that read as both beautiful, and sometimes disturbing. [. . .]

Gustavo Acosta was born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. He studied at the acclaimed School of Visual Arts San Alejandro. […] His works are part of the permanent collections of Miami’s Lowe Art Museum, the Nassau County Museum of Art in New York, and the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami.

For more information, see https://msa-x-2.msa-x.org/2021/10/09/gustavo-acosta-a-series-of-unconnected-thoughts-curated-by-dennys-matos-lns-gallery-2021-miami/ and LnS Gallery

Also see https://www.latinamericanart.com/en/artist/gustavo-acosta/

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