39th Annual West Indian Literature Conference

The 39th Annual West Indian Literature Conference, “Contemporary Currents in Caribbean Literature,” will be hosted by the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature (Faculty of Humanities and Education) at The University of the West Indies-Cave Hill, October 28-30, 2021. [Also see previous post CFP: 39th West Indian Literature Virtual Conference.]

This year’s theme–Contemporary Currents in Caribbean Literature–looks toward recent publications within the last 20 years of the current millennium to explore emerging perspectives, voices, and aesthetics that challenge established ideas of canon and continue to trouble what it means to exist and write from a Caribbean perspective. The featured speakers are Tobias S. Buckell, Cherie Johnson, and R.S.A. Garcia.

View the program and register at https://www.cavehill.uwi.edu/fhe/LLL/conferences/west-indian-literatures-conference/home.aspx

https://www.facebook.com/UWICaveHill (October 8, 2021 post)

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