Film: “La última gira” [The Last Tour]

LA ÚLTIMA GIRA – Modesto Lacén, Ektor Rivera y Carlos Marchand (still)

According to The Adoquín Times Puerto Rican film La última gira [The Last Tour], directed by Douglas Sánchez and produced by Nadia Barbarossa, won first prize in the Best International Film category at the 2021 New York Latino Film Festival.

La última gira [The Last Tour] was awarded as Best International Film at the New York Latino Film Festival held in New York City from September 14 to 19. The festival is presented by Warner Media and sponsored by HBO, Comcast, and Telemundo. The film prevailed over films from Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina.

Loosely inspired by information from the life of the legendary Puerto Rican singer Daniel Santos (and starring Ektor Rivera) La última gira is currently being screened in the Caribbean Cinemas theaters in Plaza Las Américas and Fine Arts Miramar. The main characters are played by Isel Rodríguez, Carlos Marchand, Obie Bermúdez, Modesto Lacén, and Mariangelie Vélez.

Written and directed by Douglas Pedro Sánchez, the film includes an ample musical selection with arrangements and orchestration by Orquesta El Macabeo. The soundtrack is available on main music streaming platforms such as I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Title, and others, becoming the first Puerto Rican film to develop and complete this achievement.

The soundtrack of La última gira includes the songs “Linda” and “Amor perdidos,” by Pedro Flores; “El Cumbanchero” and “Diez años,” by Rafael Hernández; “Levanta Borinquen,” by Daniel Santos himself; “El jinete,” by Mexican José Alfredo Jiménez; “Vive como yo,” by Cuban Pablo Cairo; “Virgen de medianoche,” by Pedro Galindo; “Ahora soy mala,” “Cumbia de El Jefe” and “Armonía” by the El Orchesta Macabeo. [. . .]

Here is a synopsis from the New York Latino Film Festival:

Legendary singer Daniel Santos may be retired, but that won’t stop him from setting out on one more adventure—a concert tour of South America where he was once known as El Jefe (The Chief), and where he now hopes to find admiration, applause, and proof that he is still relevant.

Bolero and Guaracha-singing idol Daniel Santos was one of Tropical Music’s most colorful and enigmatic figures. With his bohemian lifestyle, extraordinary talent and personality, he tore through Latin America in the 50s. He did everything in a big way, and his love-affairs, recordings, musical compositions, and jail nights for bar-brawls all numbered in the hundreds. The Last Tour finds him in his later years, retired from show-business and living in Ocala, Florida, where he operates a small bodega-type store, writing a memoir. The remembrance of past glories pushes him to embark on one last hurrah: a concert tour where he hopes to demonstrate his relevance beyond a mere nostalgia act.

Excerpts above translated by Ivette Romero. For full article in Spanish, see

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