Call for Panels, Round Tables, Workshops: 46th CSA Conference

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) has sent out a call for the 46th Annual Conference, which takes place at the University of the West Indies-Mona, Kingston, Jamaica from May 30 to June 3, 2022. The guiding topic of the 2022 CSA Conference is “Reframing Caribbean Influences on Global Spaces: Critically Engaging Perspectives on Human Geography and Risks, Political Economy and Technology.” The deadline for submissions for round one of this call for Panels, Round Tables, or Workshops (see below) is October 31, 2021.

The CSA cordially invites you to submit proposals for fully constituted Panels, Round Tables, or Workshops for the Annual Conference slated for May 30-June 3, 2022. [In view of the dynamic nature of the environment, brought on by the global health pandemic, details on the modality of the conference will be communicated to delegates at a later date.]

CSA has adopted a two-pronged approach to the conference call. This first call is for PANEL, ROUND TABLE or WORKSHOP tracks only, to which abstracts will be solicited in a second round.

Prospective Panel, Round Table, or Workshop chairs and co-chairs, should develop a topic on an aspect of the main conference theme that can accommodate a variety of papers.

This call is open to CSA constituent groups, associates and all other colleagues with a brilliant idea for bringing together people for knowledge-sharing experiences, and to establish networks. Consideration should be given to delivery formats that are in synchrony with the digital age.

CSA seeks panels, round tables, or workshops that are culturally diverse, covering a broad range of topics associated with the main conference theme:


The socio-geographic spaces of the Caribbean have had substantive and constructive impact on global affairs than has been adequately acknowledged, defined or assessed. The sweeping categorisations of Latin America and the Caribbean, or the concept of small-island developing states (SIDs), or even application of other ethnically/linguistically derived descriptors, do not do justice to the seminal contributions of creatives, ideators, philosophers, scholars and scientists domiciled in the region or in the diaspora.

Dialectics of our socio-geographic, political and economic history emphasize the negative consequences of the plantation economy with its extractive system of production, which has been the source of a collective angst, from which a level of reprieve is achieved, only when there are introspective discourses on the synergistic and pleasurable outputs of music, sports, food and culture. However, the Caribbean is an essential segment of a global space, which as holistic as well as individual political economies, must confront questions about sustainability, safety and security of human systems, political and economic stability and risks and hazards, whether occurring naturally or as end-products of new technology. Answers to these questions do not reside in a single geographic space, or emanate from prescriptions of a particular discipline; nor are they the prerogative of a single group of individuals. The fundamental lesson from the events that have unfolded during the year 2020 is that there is no return to what was: Rather there has to be deliberate engagement with futures and forwards at the micro, meso and macro levels of interactions.

Through critical studies across disciplinary areas, the Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference, 2022 (CSA2022) aims to challenge prevailing views about the role of the Caribbean in designing solutions to achieve healthy societies and economies and contributing to advancements in science and technology. Reframing Caribbean Influences on Global Spaces… is a call to action for the discourses to transcend the paradisiacal allure and archaic labels affixed to the Caribbean Basin.

The imperative is for analyses to have as their starting point an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the new era of Caribbean civilization in which global efforts to solve wicked problems and preserve earth and human existence must engage and utilize the intellectual capital and insights of the region.

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