New Book: “Objetos Textuales no identificados”

Edited by Ariel Camejo (University of Havana), Objetos Textuales no identificados. Narrativas emergentes en los nuevos entornos digitales en Cuba (Havana, 2021) [Unidentified Textual Objects: Emerging narratives in the new digital environments of Cuba] presents new voices and new ways of writing in/about the online universe of Cuba.

This anthology brings together texts extracted from various websites, digital magazines, and social networks, in which narrative constitutes an essential element for telling stories or reflecting on current Cuban society and its increasingly complex interactions in global dynamics.

In her presentation of this collection, Mabel Cuesta (University of Houston) says, “The cumulative exercise of exhibitions that this anthology ushers in is a continuation, renewal, and revisiting of bodies that still take risks as a way of surviving their limits: horror, persecution, the norm, failure of public agendas, the dissection of what may be considered social crisis both within and outside the walls … It is also a revelation of racism, gender violence, adultery, emergency migration, resistance, anger, poverty, anxiety to think of ourselves as part of a supra-insular “real” world, the proscribed and celebrated desires, prostitution, hunger, fear, the vulnerability of growing up as a trans or provincial subject. [. . .] Here, as in almost all contemporary fiction and non-fiction worth its salt, a double scope of reconciliation and denunciation survives. Here resides—in perceptive writing and its readings—the Cuba that does not appear on postcards.”

This collection is available free of charge at

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