James Bond returns to Jamaica

In “James Bond revient en Jamaïque,” Romain Clergeat (Paris Match) reminds us that James Bond returns to Jamaica in No Time to Die. Clergeat writes:

The Caribbean island is the setting for 007’s first adventures. In the new filmNo Time to Die [in French the title is Mourir peut attendre (Dying Can Wait)], the secret agent returns to Jamaica. We went to the sources of the legend, the shooting locations, and the villa where Daniel Craig was staying. Spectacular.

He was undoubtedly frustrated that he had not been the agent he had dreamed of in … secret. In Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye house, the office where he imagined himself as James Bond is still there, installed in front of a huge bay window behind which spreads all the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Placed on a living room table, an old book on birds seems incongruous, except when you read the name on the cover: James Bond, which inspired British author Ian Fleming for his hero…

In this place transformed into a hotel with several other villas, Goldeneye’s room, east of Ocho Rios, is the highlight of the resort, where stars (Bono, Bill Clinton, Beyoncé…) want to stay. It was bought by Chris Blackwell, former boyfriend of Nathalie Delon and, most importantly, founder of Island Records—it was he who popularized Bob Marley around the world. His history with James Bond goes back a long way: “My mother was very good friends with Ian Fleming. They used to swim together in the spot I now call “the James Bond Beach” (formerly Laughing Waters Beach, where Ursula Andress emerged from the water, an appearance inspired by Mr. Blackwell mother, the legend says). So I got a little assistant job on “James Bond 007 vs. Dr No.” the first in the series. The evening for the release of the new film was to take place at the Goldeneye, but, alas, because of the pandemic… Fortunately, we had at least been able to do the launch in 2019,” says Blackwell.

However, it was not at Goldeneye that Daniel Craig chose to stay in Jamaica, but Villa Cocosan, in Port Antonio, near the filming location. The villa ($ 6,000 a night) looks like it came from a Tarantino movie. Very designer-chic, with a master bedroom overlooking the bay. A sober and classy choice that we approve of, as much for James Bond as for Daniel Craig. When we try to find out more from the general manager about the actor’s life during his stay here, she evades with trivialities (“he is nice and very polite”) but cannot help but smile when we insist in finding out whether he was sleeping alone. Doubt serves the legend …

To go there: Les Maisons du voyage, long-time specialist in this destination, offers a 9-day-8-night tour starting at 2765 euros in the footsteps of James Bond. maisonsduvoyage.com. Phone (in France): 01 53 63 13 43.

Translated by Ivette Romero. For original article (in French), see https://www.parismatch.com/Vivre/Voyage/James-Bond-revient-en-Jamaique-1759920

[Photo above by Francine Kreiss: Villa Cocosan, near Port Antonio, where Daniel Craig stayed during his time in Jamaica.]

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