Townsend Montilla’s “Adventurers in River Rocks”

Many thanks to Loretta Collins Klobah, who is celebrating an online short story publication in The Dillydoun Review by one of her former M.A. creative writing students at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, Townsend Montilla. Montilla is presently pursuing an MFA at the UC-San Diego. I highly recommend this fascinating read!

As Collins Klobah explains, “Townsend Montilla’s ‘Adventurers in River Rocks’ follows hard-knock Luciano through the nearly gutted and graffitied labyrinth of Río Piedras in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where subterranean cultures trawl the streets at night; and small lit theaters, cafes, bars, book shops, nightclubs, and beauty shops flicker. No one has captured the feel of Río Piedras streets, vacant ruins, and human traffic quite the way that Montilla’s realistic, but surreal, story does.”

Townsend Montilla is a Puerto Rican fiction writer and poet. He is a graduate of the Master’s program in English-Literature at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, and an MFA candidate in Literature at the University of California-San Diego. His work grapples with Puerto Rican identity, neocolonialism, migration, and the diaspora. His creative writing has been published in Kweli Journal, Tonguas Magazine, Entre Paréntesis, and in the anthology Musgo Mundo: Muestra de Poesía Puertorriqueña (1985-1994) (Parawa Editorial).

For full story, see

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