Bad Bunny has announced that it will be hosting a second show in Puerto Rico in December

A report by Shannon Glisson for The Daily Guardian.

Puerto Rican Ragman Bad Bunny announced that he will perform a second concert in Puerto Rico next December, in addition to his concert on the eleventh of the same month at Hiram Bethorne Stadium, in San Juan, in which he will be held. His first major show on Your Island in over two years.

Bad Bunny said Friday night during the second of three concerts his fellow countryman and fellow Eladio Carrion will perform, “The Sauce Boys,” at the Coca-Cola Concert Hall, the Coca-Cola Music Hall, in DC.

Tickets for the concert on December 11, entitled “P FKN R”, went on sale on Friday, and sold out “in a few minutes”, according to the producers of the event.

Before the sale started, there was already traffic of more than 145,000 users doing virtual shifts.

Bad Bunny stepped onto the Carrión concert stage to sing “Kemba Walker.”

In addition, Bad Bunny performed his song “Yonaguni” on his own and took the moment to thank Carrión for the support he had given him since the beginning of his career.

“He was one of the first, if not the first, people who shook my hand five years ago on this trip and today he’s giving three shows, not knowing that you’ve been giving five shows at Choli. Always grateful to you, Eldio. I love you so much, you know that, I consider you a family member.”

The concert will be held “P FKN R” produced by Noah Asaad presents and concerts MOV,

All people attending the event will be required to present a valid covid-19 vaccination card or official Vacu-Id Card provided by CESCO Digital, in order to be accepted into the concert.

International artists such as Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Rihanna, Shakira, Sting and Whitney Houston, among others, have also performed on this stage.

“P FKN R” is a Puerto Rican song, and is part of his album “YHLQMDLG”, which stands for “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Give La Gana”.

Bad Bunny had to postpone his 2020 concerts in Puerto Rico, following the pandemic of covid-19, the virus that the artist has contracted.

After those shows were cancelled, the urban artist announced several shows at Hiram Bythorn Stadium, but one was only confirmed last Tuesday.

The original dates were in May 2020 and then were pushed back to October 30 and 31, which were also canceled due to the recovery of coronavirus infections on the island. Both were sold out in less than an hour.

In April, the urban artist sold out all tickets for his “Last World Tour 2022” in record time, a tour that will take him to 35 cities in the United States.

The Puerto Rican concert is not part of that tour, as it is a unique show in its home country.

The “Last World Tour 2022” will start on February 9 and run until April 2022.

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