New Book: “A History of Creole Trinidad, 1956-2010”

Raymond Ramcharitar’s A History of Creole Trinidad, 1956-2010 was published last week (August 2021) by Palgrave Macmillan.

Description: This book offers a history of post-Independence Trinidad and Tobago. It explores how culture and politics have operated in tandem to shape the society. Drawing on a wide range of sources, including literature, government reports, official statistics, the press and the Carnival, it critically analyses the popular conception of creolization as the driving force in modern Trinidad and Tobago. Ultimately, the book examines the way in which Trinidad and Tobago’s unique ethnic and political ecosystems contribute to its national character. 

It presents a look at Trinidad & Tobago as a dynamic society and examines interconnections between economy, society, ethnic politics, the Carnival, using literary works, academic works, calypso lyrics, newspapers and official reports. It captures nuances of the society and sketches lines of causation and continuity from the independence period to the twentieth century which the many fragmented accounts missed or ignored. It also debunks many populist narratives about the “culture” and social evolution which have, in the absence of a work like this, remained unchallenged for decades.

Raymond Ramcharitar, PhD, is a historian and cultural critic from Trinidad and Tobago. He has published several academic articles on the history, culture and literature of the country. He is also a poet and novelist who has published three collections of poetry, and one of fiction. 

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