Art Exhibition: Salomé Cosmique’s “Todos somos África”

Salomé Cosmique’s “Todos somos África” [We are all Africa] opened on August 12, 2021, at the Museum of the Americas [Museo de las Américas] in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here are translated excerpts from El Nuevo Día:

After four years of artistic exploration of Taino and African cultures in Puerto Rico, artist Salomé Cosmique presents her exhibition “Todos somos África,” which opens this coming Thursday, August 12, at the Museo de las Américas [Museum of the Americas].

The curator of the exhibition, David Acosta, said in a press release that this exhibition consists of 15 paintings that are the result of a series of the artist’s interviews with a priest and practitioner of the African-based religion Palo Mayombe and from reading the work of the renowned Cuban anthropologist Lydia Cabrera.

’Todos somos África’ aims to remind us of the human history that we all have in common, and especially the history of our origins in Africa; the mythical stories that excited and inspired the artist to create the paintings that are part of this work, stem from this,” said Acosta. [. . .]

Salomé Cosmique is an artist, educator and curator. She currently resides in Philadelphia, in the United States. She holds an MA in Visual Arts from the University of Strasbourg in France. In 2012 she obtained the French National Diploma of Visual Arts, with a concentration in Sound Arts from the Rhine School of Arts (Haut École Des Art du Rhin) in Mulhouse.

Upon finishing her studies, she moved to Puerto Rico, where she participated in various group and solo exhibitions. She is currently a curator for Dissident Bodies, Dislocada / Dislocated and she works as an educator at the Barnes Foundation. [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For original, full article (in Spanish), see

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