Act of kindness from Olympian Hansle Parchment goes viral

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sharing all related links to this story.] Jamaica Observer (August 7, 2021) reports on this heart-warming story.

Newly crowned 110m hurdles Olympic gold medallist Hansle Parchment is being hailed for his spirit of kindness and humility after he surprised a volunteer who assisted him in making it to the semi-finals of his pet event.

In a tear-jerking and heart-warming video on his Instagram page on Saturday, Parchment expressed his gratitude to the volunteer — only identified as Trijana — by showing her his gold medal and repaying her money she gave him for his taxi fare in order to get to the Olympic stadium.

Parchment had earlier explained that he had accidentally taken the wrong bus ahead of his semi-final in the 110m hurdles earlier this week. “By the time I looked up I realised this bus was heading the wrong way. I’m not familiar with any of these surroundings,” Parchment told his Instagram followers. 

After arriving at the aquatic venue, he was told that he would have to go back to the Olympic Village and take another bus back to the Olympic Stadium. “If I had done that, I wouldn’t get there in time to even warm up. I had to find another way. I was trying to get one of the branded cars for the games to take me, but these people are very strict and adhering to the rules, and I would have to have to book the car from beforehand to get it to leave,” the Jamaican shared.

And in that moment of what could have been a disaster for the Olympian, he saw a female volunteer who he had to “beg” for assistance.  “… She’s not allowed to do much, and she actually gave me some money to take one of the taxis that affiliate with the whole [Olympic] games. That’s how I was able to get to the warm-up track at the stadium, with enough time to warm-up and compete. And that’s just awesome,” he said. 

And as destiny would have it, Parchment went on to shock the world by beating the overwhelming favourite for the 110m Olympic title, Grant Holloway.

Parchment, who previously won a bronze medal in the event at the 2012 London Olympics, explained that he set out on his journey to find the volunteer and show her the gold medal “because she helped, and so, I think that is a nice gesture”.

After arriving at the venue, Parchment spotted her and spoke with her. “I am back to repay you and show you something,” Parchment told her, adding that “You were instrumental in me getting to the finals that day.” To her surprise at seeing Parchment’s medal, Trijana replied, “Really, Really! You won this?”

Parchment then gave her a ‘Jamaican Puma shirt’ and repaid the money she had provided for the taxi fare. The volunteer expressed her thanks to the Olympic Champion for the gifts and the repayment of the cash. The video later ended with both taking a selfie.

Parchment’s video has racked up over 1,000 comments and over 18,000 views since it was posted on Saturday morning. In addition, it has also been widely circulated, with many people commending the Jamaican for his gesture.

In reacting to the video, Lisa Hanna, the Member of Parliament for St Ann South Eastern, commented, “God always in the mix. This was your time. Congratulations on your… success and humility all in one @parchment_hansle. May God continue to shine on you.”

Media personality, Yendi Phillips wrote, “Bwoy Hansle… this is absolutely heart- warming!! Amazing!!”

Dancehall artiste Ce’cile shared: “Oh wow… this is sweet… I’m crying ah this is such a beautiful story. Will be told time and time again.”

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