Taller Salud Awards 10 New Companies with Seed Capital

Taller Salud, a community-based nonprofit led by the intrepid Puerto Rican warrior Tania Rosario (executive director), has secured $40,000 for small businesses in Loíza, Puerto Rico. Here’s a report from The Weekly Journal.

Taller Salud, a community-based nonprofit, awarded 10 local businesses with seed capital valued at $40,000.

Driven by the vision of sustainable and equitable development for the communities of Loíza and the rest of Puerto Rico, Taller Salud gave life to a business training project for entrepreneurs starting in April of this year.

Over a period of seven weeks, Taller Salud trained 25 participants interested in developing their business ideas in Loíza. Together with the Center for Entrepreneurs, the feminist organization gave way to the formation of ten projects in the areas of agriculture and fishing, construction, beauty, gastronomy, crafts, among others.

“Over the years, leaders have approached us to express the lack of jobs and opportunities in our municipality,” said Gabriella Perales, Coordinator of the Taller Salud Self-Management and Development Project. “Due to the discrimination and slowness in the recovery processes after disasters, there are few opportunities for professional development in Loíza. Those who can go to other municipalities in search of jobs, commonly suffer discrimination and their applications are rejected because of their town of residence.”

“We must bet on our people and communities. Local talent exists; he only needs the tools and the confidence to fulfill his country with excellence,” said Tania Rosario, Executive Director of the entity.

Rosario also commented on the discrimination suffered by residents of Loíza and the impact of living in silence. “Many people are unaware or ignorant of the discrimination that our people receive because of their identity. For us it is a true privilege to be there, to listen and to be able to offer solutions and opportunities to our communities, who are the ones that truly understand what they need for their success and development,” she stated.

The “Loíza Emprende” celebration gala was held on Thursday, Aug. 5 at the El Ceiba Community Center in Loíza. It was attended by the 10 new local businesses that seek to return hope and opportunities to their communities. The activity was presented by Modesto Lácen Cepeda, a Loíza-born actor, and featured messages from the entrepreneurs who are now joining the local business world.

The awarded projects were: Taller Escuela Pescantil, Gabinetes PVC Santana ofrecerá construcción y diseño de gabinetes en PVC, Deimi Beauty Braid Spa, Stop N Cream, La Pasteria by KK, Los Deliciosos Bizcochos de Fanny, Asociación Cultural de Artes y Música, Queen T Beauty on Wheels, JM Handcraft, and Kaly’s Blessing Cleaning.

See original article at https://www.theweeklyjournal.com/business/taller-salud-awards-10-new-companies-with-seed-capital/article_4be83e50-f6e0-11eb-bdda-13f0e330fc0a.html

Also see https://www.populardemocracy.org/our-partners/taller-salud and https://www.facebook.com/taller.salud/

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