New Book: “A Lantern in the Wind”

A Lantern in the Wind: A Fictional Memoir by Ameena Gafoor is now available from Hansib Publications.

David Dabydeen (Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick) writes: “Ameena Gafoor’s book offers a rare insight into Muslim life in Guyana. It is rich in detail, its realism enhanced by her equally rich imagination. Muslim existence is rarely described or represented in Caribbean literature, so Gafoor’s book fills a significant gap. Her tribute to her mother is so painfully moving and beautiful that I had to pause from reading so as to catch my breath. Her description of being an immigrant in London is, again, a relatively rare revelation of female experience, and complements Sam Selvon’s beautiful novel, The Lonely Londoners.”

Description: Scraping together, life was hard in the village, made harder by unemployment. Factory-made goods from Britain had long replaced India’s traditional arts. Factory-made textiles replaced weaving in the villages. The British, with their naked capitalism, destroyed the villagers’ looms, their livelihood. Not to mention the winters, turbulent monsoons, droughts and famines in equal measure, kept them pinned down in poverty.

Ameena Gafoor is the Founder of The Arts Forum Inc; the Founding Editor of The Arts Journal; and author of Aftermath of Empire: The Novels of Roy A.K. Heath (2017). She has received two National awards as well as recognition from the Guyana Indian Commemoration Trust and the Guyana Cultural Association of New York for her outstanding contribution to the literary arts of Guyana and the Caribbean. She has also received an award from Caribbean Voice for her social work with Support for Vulnerable People through The Gafoor Foundation. Her critical articles are published in selected Journals.

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