Af-flux Biennale: « Monde Bossale »

From September 11 to December 11, 2021, the public will be able to attend Af-flux: the first Black Transnational Biennial in Quebec’s history. This biennial revolves around physical exhibitions, lectures and performances. Important players in the Quebec arts community will be participating: Art Mûr Gallery; the self-managed artist centers: Circa Art Actuel, Articule, and Oboro; the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts; and the Faculty of Planning, Architecture, Art and Design of Laval University (Quebec City, Quebec, Canada).

Description: Synonymous with overexploitation of the body, the bossale, a slave born in Africa, is one of the fertilizing figures at the foundation of our globalized world. The bossale—and therefore, the black body—signals a nomadic figure who participates in sketching the outlines of the first transnational identities of our globalized world. For the 1st edition of AF-FLUX, 24 artists address important questions: How to articulate the world as a descendant of bossales? What type of decolonial dialogue may emerge from the gathering of artists from here and elsewhere? How do these artists invest in the field of contemporary art? What are their radicalities (roots)?

Translated by Ivette Romero. For original description (in French), see

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