Photography: Jean Paul Saint Fleur

[Many thanks to Pablo Delano for bringing this item to our attention.] Here are excerpts from a piece on the photographic work of Jean Paul Saint Fleur. He says, “I want to show my love of my country through my images.” To see complete photo gallery with descriptions by the artist, visit WePresent.

It was around 2010 that Jean Paul Saint Fleur first wanted to become a photographer, but lacking access to a camera, he had to bide his time before trying his hand at it. His dream became a reality in 2014, when he was invited to take part in a workshop with the collective FotoKonbit – and he’s been learning the ropes ever since. He now turns his own lens on the beauty of day-to-day life in his beloved Haiti, and captures the fascinating characters he’s grown up surrounded by. Here, he tells Alex Kahl the stories behind some of his favorite shots so far.

Jean Paul Saint Fleur first had the urge to pick up a camera in 2010, when he saw a photographer working after an earthquake in Jacmel, one of the largest cities in Haiti. “I watched him and was intrigued by how he was looking at everything around him,” he says. “I was very young and didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to own a camera myself.” In 2014, Jean Paul was invited to take part in a workshop with FotoKonbit, a collective that teaches local Haitians the art of photography. The first photo he took was a portrait of a friend, and after some glowing feedback, he was ready to continue pursuing his dream. “Now everyone calls me ‘the photographer’ and that makes me proud every day,” he says, smiling.

In his work, Jean Paul is keen to show a more personal side to Haiti than outsiders might have been fed in global news. “In Haiti there are problems but there is also beauty everywhere,” he says. “That beauty is what I want to focus on.”

Jean Paul turns his lens to the everyday goings-on around him: Children playing, people working or simply the scenery. “I capture the things I believe in. Education, civic engagement, environmental protection and the beauty of human connections,” he says. “I am proud of our culture and history, and I want to be able to show other people the love I have for my country through my images.” [. . .]

For full photo gallery with descriptions by the artist, visit

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