Ttff presents “Joebell and America”

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (ttff) presents films for purchase (for TT$35 /US$5; see more information below or visit ttff). Now streaming: Joebell and America, directed by Asha Lovelace; based on a short story by Earl Lovelace.

Joebell and America
PG | Feature (83mins) Narrative | Trinidad and Tobago

“Joebell catching hell in Trinidad so he make up his mind to go. The place he choose is America…”

Brian Green has the lead role as Joebell, a gambler who takes a risky path to fulfilling his dream of going to America. When things don’t go the way he plans, the young man is forced to examine and consider his true identity. Gabrielle Gellineau plays the beautiful Alicia, the love of his life. Directed by Asha Lovelace, the cast includes acclaimed actors Eunice Alleyne, Errol Roberts and Grace Maharaj, and cameos by Earl Lovelace and the real-life character on which the movie is based. The movie features music by 3CanalAtaklan and the late rapso pioneer, Lancelot Layne.

Instructions (ttff):  Click here to buy tickets. Or, email to arrange a bank transfer. Don’t forget, ONE TICKET = ONE MOVIE! Tickets cost TT$35 (US$5) and are payable via credit card or online bank transfer. Movies will be streamed on the tt film festival website

For more information and to purchase tickets, go to

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