sx salon Issue 36 is now available

sx salon Issue 36 is now available.

Description by Rachel L. Mordecai, Editor: In sx salon 36, a special discussion section titled “Caribbean Texts and Textiles” includes essays and artwork that engage with the place of textiles as products and textile work as process within the lives and literature of Caribbean people. Jacqueline Bishop meditates on the textile practices of her Jamaican foremothers, thinking alongside Alice Walker’s In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens; Siobhan Meï examines the function of textiles in scenes of sexual coercion from Andrea Levy’s The Long Song and Simone Schwarz-Bart’s The Bridge of Beyond; Grayson Chong explores her Jamaican-Chinese family history in conversation with Jan Lowe Shinebourne’s The Last Ship, ruminating on the countervailing dynamics of “blood purity” and creolization that animate that novel; Jonathan Michael Square attends to the racialized fashion politics of the eighteenth-century French Atlantic and how they were “rooted in unequal power relations”; my own essay traces the emphasis on textile process in novels by Erna Brodber and Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa and art by Sonya Clark; and “A Ship of Fools,” Ada M. Patterson’s multi-modal artwork incorporating textiles and audiovisual elements, fulsomely demonstrates textiles’ potential to ground art that engages the most urgent contemporary issues.

We also present Janelle Rodriques’s review of Curdella Forbes’s A Tall History of Sugar; Felicia Denaud’s review of Frankétienne’s Dézafi; Raquel Corona’s review of Angie Cruz’s Dominicana; Susan Gingell’s review of Alexis Pauline Gumbs’s Dub: Finding Ceremony; and Sean Gerrity’s review of Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies, edited by Quincy Saul. Finally, as always, we are delighted to publish new Caribbean creative writing: poems by Danielle Legros Georges, and Rajiv Mohabir and a short story by Geoffrey Philp.

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[Image above: Doilies made by Vida Campbell Hitchins (1912–96); cotton fabric with cotton crochet thread, 5 in. to 8.5 in. Image used by permission of the author.]

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