Winners of the 2021 Latinx Artist Fellowship

Our warmest congratulations to the 2021 Latinx Artist Fellows. Winners hailing from the Caribbean region/diaspora include Elia Alba, Coco Fusco, Miguel Luciano, Carlos Martiel, and Juan Sánchez. For full list of winners and bios, see Latinx Artist Fellowship.

Description: Latinx artists—people of Latin American or Caribbean descent who live and work in the US—have made significant and vital contributions to American culture. Yet these artists have lacked visibility and received little of the philanthropic or institutional support necessary to secure their place in the story of American art. Designed to address this systemic and longstanding lack of support, the Latinx Artist Fellowship will award $50,000 each to a multigenerational cohort of 15 Latinx visual artists each year for an initial commitment of five years. Administered by the US Latinx Art Forum in collaboration with the New York Foundation for the Arts and supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Ford Foundation, this award is the first significant prize of its kind and celebrates the plurality and diversity of Latinx artists and aesthetics.

For full list of winners and bios, see

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