New Book: “La couleur de l’agonie”

Gisèle Pineau’s La couleur de l’agonie [The Color of Agony] was published by Caraïbéditions in May 2021.

Description: Thirty years after the savage rape they committed, seven men see the face of vengeance and the color of agony arise. Death follows them like a shadow without forgiveness. At the Pointe-à-Pitre police station, Jessy Cantor—a Guadeloupean woman with a strong character imbued in a return to the homeland—and Dan Berlot lead the investigation, gathering testimonies and clues as heterogeneous as they are frightening. La couleur de l’agonieplunges us into a Guadeloupe with many faces. From the ghettos of the big city plagued by crack to the secret campaigns where the gadézafè officiate, the investigators track the mysterious vigilantes until they go back to the origin of Evil, finding dark fragments of their own stories.

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Many thanks to Peter Jordens for additional links:

Ka Nou Fè an peyi la? Gisèle Pineau
Eclair TV, July 5, 2021

Ka Nou Fè an peyi la? Kathleen Maran – Gisèle Pineau – La couleur de l’agonie
Eclair TV, July 5, 2021

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