Patricia Mohammed receives CSA’s Barbara T. Christian Literary Award and Lifetime Achievement Award

Our warmest congratulations to Patricia Mohammed, who received the Barbara T. Christian Literary Award for her book Writing Gender into the Caribbean: Selected Essays from 1988-2020 (Hansib 2021) and the CSA Lifetime Achievement Award from the Caribbean Studies Association at 45th Annual Conference.

Book Description: The revolutionary act of imprinting gender into Caribbean thought is celebrated by Patricia Mohammed as she brings together decades worth of her critical essays that have influenced directions in feminism and in social thinking. A primary player in an ever-evolving Caribbean gender discourse for over four decades, Mohammed has produced an interdisciplinary manifesto that establishes founding moments and ongoing debates in gender and feminist theory; she marks out thematic shifts in academia and activism, including the area of masculinity, that inform feminist political strategy in the region.

Juxtaposing theoretical ideas with empirical flows of data, her strategic arrangement of this collection allows the reader to see the past and future as synonymous happenings, as temporal movements that rely on each other. Demonstrating a disciplinary promiscuity that is the cornerstone of her gender scholarship, the essays move between historical, biographical, popular culture and visual lens, revealing an intersectional analysis that is central to understanding of this region and to the current global condition.

Writing Gender into the Caribbean: Selected Essays from 1988-2020, establishes a chronology that is faithful to the evolving theoretical concepts and ideas in the field of gender and development studies, while demonstrating that collaborative affinities across shared yet different histories remain the backbone of the ongoing feminist project of reconstructing knowledge. In the face of narratives that cast shadows on the value of evolutionary progress, Mohammed encourages us to take pause and recognise how far gender scholars and feminists have come in leaving the world more gender equitable than we found it.

Aisha Khan (New York University) writes, “Spanning four decades this collection takes us on a journey of exploration whose compass is feminist thought, and whose goal is a better understanding of the centrality of gender roles and relations in Caribbean society. Interdisciplinary perspectives, from history to sociology to art criticism, intersect in these essays, and diverse sources of inspiration, from song to film to oral traditions, inspire Mohammed’s analyses of gender politics and the imaginaries that represent them. This assemblage offers us an important and exciting intellectual history by one of the region’s foremost scholar-activists.”

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Barbara T. Christian Literary Award was established in 2001 to honour the memory of distinguished Caribbean-American Black feminist and womanist theorist Dr Barbara T. Christian. It celebrates her intellectual legacy and is given to the best book published within the most recent three-year period which explicitly and innovatively examines topics of race, gender, sexuality, class and intersectionality.

The CSA Lifetime Achievement Award recognises outstanding achievements by a living scholar in academic leadership relating to the multi-disciplinary field of Caribbean Studies. ‘Leadership’ refers primarily to foundational or superior contributions in research and scholarship, but also considers teaching and mentoring, organisational or centre development, as well as contributions to the Caribbean Studies Association. By instituting a Lifetime Achievement Award, the CSA intends to recognise and honour the role and lifetime work of scholars who have contributed significantly and consistently to its field of study, and who have by virtue of their professional persona and intellect helped to expand not only the field’s boundaries, but also achieved greater public acknowledgement of and understanding for Caribbean Studies as a field of intellectual engagement and for the Caribbean region as a space of valuable and significant contributions to humanity. For more information, see

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