Hew Locke and Matt Smith: Commemorating and Contesting Empire

“In conversation: Hew Locke and Matt Smith: Commemorating and Contesting Empire with Victorian Ceramics” is a free event, convened by “Race, Empire and the Pre-Raphaelites,” a research group of the British Art Network, chaired by Dr Sadiah Qureshi. [To watch the discussion online on Friday 25 June 11:00am-12:00pm BST, please register here. (6:00-7:00am EST)]

Description: During the second half of the nineteenth century, middle-class mantelpieces throughout Britain and the British Empire were adorned with miniature sculptures made from Parian Ware, a new, industrially produced ceramic material invented in the 1840s. A large number of these statuettes commemorated imperial ‘heroes’ and contentious political figures. How are contemporary artists engaging with these peculiarly Victorian art works? How should museums today display celebratory images of people involved in colonial violence?

This event brings together two leading contemporary artists whose work has engaged with Victorian Parian Ware ceramics to challenge ideas of reputation, mythmaking, nationhood and empire.

For more information, see https://www.halesgallery.com/news/629/

View artist’s page at https://www.halesgallery.com/artists/15-hew-locke/overview/

[Shown above: Detail of Hew Locke, Souvenir 9 (Queen Victoria), 2019.]

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