Rafael Trelles: First solo exhibition in England

El Nuevo Día reports on “Axis Mundi,” the new solo exhibition by Puerto Rican artist Rafael Trelles, which opens this month at the October Gallery in London, England. [Also see previous post Art Exhibition: Rafael Trelles: Axis Mundi.]

Puerto Rican painter Rafael Trelles will present for the first time a solo exhibition in England starting on June 23, when he will open the show “Axis Mundi” at the October Gallery in London.

With this exhibition, including 14 oil paintings in medium and large format, Trelles explores the notion of the Axis Mundi, a mythical tree that represents the connection between heaven, earth and the underworld. Most of the paintings that make up this series were created during the difficult period of the pandemic. Despite the climate of uncertainty, the creative process flowed with ease, spontaneously organizing itself into a sequence of visions of a dreamlike forest world, according to a press release.

In the forests conceived by Trelles, human beings appear integrated into the different kingdoms of nature. Spiritual figures emerge from the shadows, as silent witnesses, bearers of a critical intelligence in the face of the growing challenges of climate change and the extinction of species that affect us all.

On the ideas that support his work, Rafael Trelles explains, “I am interested in creating metaphors that express the unity of the world, the relationship between nature and culture and the interdependence of human beings with their natural environment.”

The show will remain open until July 24 and includes a catalog that contains an extensive interview with Trelles by British writer and art critic Gerald Houghton. In addition, on Saturday June 26, the artist will offer a guided tour to the visiting public.

October Gallery is a long-established art gallery in the UK. Founded 40 years ago in central London, it specializes in presenting the visual work of contemporary artists from different parts of the world to the London public.

Translated by Ivette Romero. For full article in Spanish, see https://www.elnuevodia.com/entretenimiento/cultura/notas/rafael-trelles-presentara-su-primera-exhibicion-individual-en-inglaterra/

[Shown above: Rafael Trelles’s “Dambalah” 2018. Oil on linen, 91.5 x 122 cm.]

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