New Books: “Antes que llegue la luz”

Mayra Santos-Febres’s new novel Antes que llegue la luz (Planeta, 2021) is now available.

Description: Puerto Rico, 2017. Just a week after power has been restored, the news warns of the arrival of a second hurricane, stronger than the last. Although prone to imprecision and exaggeration, the meteorological reports appear to be accurate this time. It has been many years since a hurricane with such potential for destruction has hit the Island. If Irma had left it without power for a week, what could be expected from María?

In Antes que llegue la luz, Mayra Santos-Febres evokes those moments that—much like hurricanes—arrive with winds of uncertainty and split lives apart, revealing our vulnerability. Moments when, simultaneously, our capacity to reinvent ourselves surfaces as a last resource for survival.

Mayra Santos was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, in 1966. She is a novelist, poet, essayist, and writer of short stories. Her work has been awarded around the World, and it has been translated into English, French, German, and Italian. The “Letras de Oro” (USA, 1994) and the Juan Rulfo (Paris, 1996) are among the most prestigious prizes she has received. She has been resident professor at several universities in the USA, Latin America and Europe.

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