The 40 BEST Caribbean Recipes

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Alpana Beiser (GypsyPlate) includes recipes for beef empanadas, tostones, conch fritters, Cuban sandwich, salmon croquettes, Jamaican beef patties, coconut mussel curry, Puerto Rican picadillo, Trinidadian curry chicken, bistec encebollado, Dominican pollo guisado, Bahamian boiled fish, ropa vieja, doubles, Puerto Rican chicken and rice, chicken fricassé, Jamaican jerk chicken, Cuban pollo a la barbacoa, Puerto Rican roast pork (pernil), Aruban keshi yena, Cuban vaca frita, Puerto Rican stewed shrimp, pastelón de plátano maduro, sancocho, Cuban style lechon asado, Jamaican curry chicken, and several different sides, desserts, drinks, seasonings and marinades.

Caribbean cuisine is as vibrant and colorful, with lots of punch of flavors, as it’s people or land or waters. All of those islands doting this beautiful ocean are full of culinary marvels and mouth-watering dishes that have been passed from generation to generation.

Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, Indian/South Asian, Middle Eastern and even Chinese. People have come to this part of the world from all over, bringing their food traditions and flavors. Today we are presenting you the Best of the Best Caribbean recipes.

From Jamaica to Aruba, Trinidad to the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico and so many others. From their tasty appetizers like tostones and empanadas, to their delicious mains like picadillo and pastelon, to their sweet desserts like rum cakes and flan… You are going to find everything and some more in this list of the best Caribbean recipes. Set your taste buds ablaze by trying all these in your very own kitchen. Have fun…

For full article and mouth-watering photos, see

[Shown above: Jamaican callaloo.]

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