New Issue: Small Axe 64

Small Axe 64 is now available. The cover (above) features Deborah Jack’s “Untitled (green girl)” 2014-2017. Here is a list of contents. To access full issue, go to

Preface: A Postcolonial Avant-Garde?
David Scott  

When is Poetry Political? Césaire on the Role of Knowledge in 1944
Yohann C. Ripert 

Provision Grounds Against the Plantation: Robert Wedderburn’s Axe Laid to the Root 
Katey Castellano

Making History Visible: Caribbean Artist Josef Nassy’s Visual Diary of Nazi Internment
Sarah Phillips Casteel 

On Caribbean Intellectual History
Guest editor, Aaron Kamugisha

The Promise of Caribbean Intellectual History
Aaron Kamugisha 

Their Skirts Rolled Up: The Gendered Terrain of Politics in Nineteenth-Century Port-au-Prince
Anne Eller 

Peter Abrahams’s Island Fictions for Freedom
Victoria J. Collis-Buthelezi 

Decolonization, Otherness, and the Neglect of the Dutch Caribbean in Caribbean Studies
Margo Groenewoud 

Rastafari, the Transnational Archive, and Post-Colonial Caribbean Intellectual History
Monique Bedasse 

Beyond Trouillot: Unsettling Genealogies of Historical Thought
Marlene L. Daut 

Visualities: “what is the value of water if it doesn’t quench our thirst for . . .”
Deborah Jack

Book discussion: Hazel V. Carby, Imperial Intimacies: A Tale of Two Islands

Genres of History and the Practice of Loss: Attending to Silence in Hazel Carby’s Imperial Intimacies
Marisa J. Fuentes 

An Intimate History of Empire
Marc Matera 

Zippin’ Up My Boots, Going Back to My Routes
Eddie Chambers 

Imperial Intimacies – Further Thoughts
Hazel V. Carby

Read Small Axe 64 at

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