How One Grenadian Woman Is Inspiring the Diaspora to Move to the Caribbean

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Ayah A (Travel Noire) writes about The Exodus Collective—a platform, founded by Zoe Smith, to inspire people in the African Diaspora to relocate to the Caribbean.

Zoe Smith wants to make it easier for Black people to move to the Caribbean. The British-Grenadian single mother of three is a former journalist turned diversity and inclusion consultant. She founded The Exodus Collective as a platform to inspire people in the African Diaspora to relocate to the Caribbean and to help equip them with the knowledge they need to do so.

“The goal is to empower more Black folks to start making their exodus,” she told Travel Noire. “I want them to realize that they can choose to live in beautiful, tropical surroundings where they can thrive and sustainably contribute to the development of the islands.”

Through weekly video interviews sharing their experiences, people who have made the decision to move to the Caribbean provide advice and inspiration. There is also an online forum packed with practical information and useful tips.

Zoe initially had the idea to create the platform when she realized so many second generation individuals in the diaspora were thinking about moving to Caribbean, but found the absence of easily accessible digital information to be a stumbling block.

Having experienced living and working abroad in ItalySpain, and Grenada over the years, Zoe knows first-hand how helpful it can be to start researching and building your network in advance of moving. This can help reduce the number of uncertainties you’ll face when you finally touch down in your destination.

She noticed there were a number of amazing, resourceful sites encouraging Black people to move to the Motherland. And though she was convinced there was demand for a similar offering in the Caribbean, she had not found any sites of this sort.

But it was the murder of George Floyd that finally made Zoe feel that now, more than ever, there was a dire need for this type of platform. She had to bring her idea to fruition, and she wasn’t going to wait any longer.

“The idea for The Exodus Collective had been in my head for years. But it was a conversation with a friend from the U.S. in the heady days following the killing of George Floyd, and the subsequent uprising, that made me feel an urgent responsibility to show Black folks that there is another way of being, and that escaping ‘Babylon’ can be done. So, I decided to put my skills as a journalist to use and started creating content.”

Black people looking to leave the U.S., the U.K., or whatever ‘Babylon’ they may be living in, can enjoy many benefits through a move to the Caribbean. [. . .]

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For more information on The Exodus Collective, visit and follow the brand on YouTube and Instagram.

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