Exhibition: “Queer Life in the Margins”

“Queer Life in the Margins” is a photography and print exhibition curated by Charo Oquet. It will run from May 22 to June 5, 2021, starting with a live opening reception on May 22, from 6:00 to 9:00pm. [Social distance and mask are required.] Artists / events include:

Photography and Print Exhibition: Josue Azor-Haiti; Sean Black – USA; Steven Baboun – Haiti; Jacques Georges L. Casimir-Gio – Haiti; Maksaens Denis – Haiti; Carol-Anne McFarlane – USA; Felipe Osornio – Mexico; Tobias Packer – MIA; Yeifri Ramirez- Dominican Republic; Carlos Rodriguez – Dominican Republic; Carlos Soriano – Dominican Republic.

Installation/Performance: J. Aaron Byrnes and fa Vanch

Collaboration: Los Tres Golpes: Johan Mijail, Manosiniestra (Varkito García) and Tim Reyes


THEY DIDN’T EXPECT US TO SURVIVE! Poetics against racism: sexual dissent, Archive and imaginary May 27, 2021 – 3 pm EST (Miami Time)

Conversation – Dialogue – Reading 

Platform: zoom


Index- Miami/Santo Domingo/Puerto Rico Virtual Festival, May 27, 2021 6- 9 PM (EST Miami) YouTube and Facebook – live  

Video Artists: Steven Baboun – Haiti; Joshua Byrnes – USA; Danilo De La Torre – USA; Maksaens Denis – Haiti; Adrian Diaz – Dominican Republic; Victoria Linares – Dominican Republic; Charo Oquet – USA; Felipe Osornio – Mexico; Anna Parisi – Brazil; Carlos Rodriguez – Dominican Republic; Juanjo Cid – Dominican Republic; David Rohn – USA; Carlos Soriano – Dominican Republic; Wagner Rossi Campos – Brazil.

For more info: edgezones@me.com; T. 305 303-8852

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