Brettina introduces an eclectic mix of classical jazz and Caribbean tones

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Sarah Marie (New York Weekly) reviews Brettina, her interweaving of traditional jazz and Caribbean tones, and her love for her Bahamian culture.

Brettina Lorena Robinson, famously known as Brettina, is a musical artist interweaving the beats and sound of a nation into an upbeat euphoric melody. Through music whose influences are in traditional jazz and laid-back Caribbean tones, Brettina expresses her love and pride for her Bahamian culture.

Hailing from the capital city of Nassau, Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Brettina is a budding artist challenging the status quo of societal standards of equating beauty with talents and arts. As a child, young Brettina recognized that beauty is more than the color of the skin. She understood that every individual is unique and strives to remind and encourage others through her music to look beyond their skin hue and create a path to success with heads raised high.

Brettina’s musical style showcases her depth and flair for music as she draws from traditional jazz and Caribbean tones. She successfully merged distinct genres of music. The originality of her refreshing sound washes over the listeners like waves appealing to both jazz purists and younger audiences drawn to more contemporary mainstream music.

Her long-awaited sophomore project, venturing into world music, classic jazz, and Caribbean rhythms, was released on April 9th, 2021. The four-song EP titled ‘New Day’ contains the uplifting single titled ‘Bop Baiye’, the catchy viral single ‘Simple Pleasures’, the sultry song ‘Low,’ and the declaration song, ‘New Day,’ produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer G’harah Degeddingseze and co-writer/vocal Producer Patricia Battani. World-renowned recording Engineer Al Schmitt was also part of the project. The four-song EP is fast becoming an anthem among her fans, enjoyed by the young and old.

An artist set to dominate the industry, Brettina’s passion for music is infused in her body of work. Her sound, a fresh breath of island air as she offers her multi-generational audience a unique listening experience. She trends the path set by her famous uncles, the multi-talented band “The T-Connection.” Brettina hopes to uphold the baton of excellence set by her uncles, who were the first Bahamian funk, RnB, Soul Group to gain International mainstream appeal and were signed under an internationally recognized record label – Capitol Records.

Working hard to reach a worldwide audience, Brettina aspires to introduce herself as an artist carving a path to success and self-love as she continues to build her musical identity.

Staying true to her motivation, Brettina is dedicated to making music for a long time. She hopes to expand her brand to different countries, making her listeners feel heard and seen while being entertained. She continues to work towards becoming an International touring Artist with a unique brand of Bahamian-inspired earth-friendly pure cotton apparel and beauty products, where a large majority of profits would go into fighting world hunger.

To learn more about Brettina Lorena Robinson, visit her website.

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