Rolon’s Chase Tower lobby installation will remain another year

Bobby Tanzilo (On Milwaukee) writes about artist Carlos Rolón’s “Gild the Lily (Caribbean Hybrid, I, II, III).” [Also see previous post Artist Carlos Rolon’s Glowing Floral Cube. Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

Ever since Sculpture Milwaukee installed artist Carlos Rolón’s “Gild The Lily (Caribbean Hybrid, I, II, III)” in the Chase Tower, 111 E. Wisconsin Ave., in spring 2019, it’s brought a burst of color to the glass box lobby. Recently, the building’s Michigan owners, the Farbman Group, announced that the installation will remain for yet another year.

A number of artworks brought to the city by Sculpture Milwaukee have remained on view beyond the closing of the season-long exhibition or been purchased for permanent installation in Milwaukee, including Robert Indiana’s famous “LOVE” sculpture and Radcliffe Bailey’s “Pensive.”

“Carlos Rolón’s installation in the Chase Tower has become a staple of the architectural aesthetic of the building, so much so that we couldn’t imagine Chase Tower without it anytime soon,” said Farbman Group CEO Andrew V. Farbman.

“Thanks to Rolón’s creative prowess and Sculpture Milwaukee’s partnership, the building is a standout in the Downtown Milwaukee business district and admired by the hundreds of people who work within the building every day.”

For the installation, which is a reproduction of Rolón’s original triptych painting, the artist wrapped the exterior of the glass lobby with a translucent array of tropical flowers, creating a burst of color at a high-visibility intersection at the heart of Downtown Milwaukee.

“As an artist, it’s extremely rewarding for people to identify a building known for its modernist importance with a body of work you have personally created,” said Rolón.

“I couldn’t be happier that Farbman Group decided to extend my installation, and thus, invested in keeping this visual piece on display for passersby to enjoy for another year.”

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