The Hub Collective: Call to Action and Donation

From the Hub Collective website:

Standing in Solidarity with Fellow Vincentians

The Hub Collective Inc. stands with our fellow Vincentians during these challenging times triggered by the on-going La Soufriere volcanic eruptions. Our team – as individuals and as a collective – continues to contribute to on-the-ground efforts and we are encouraging anyone that can lend a hand in our recovery to do the same.

We are cognizant of the critical and often undervalued role that artistic and creative communities play during times of crisis. Furthermore, in this very vulnerable period, we are also working to secure the grounding made over the last months to ensure our ability to perform, be present, available and functional to our demographics and public. We also want to ensure that other creative communities across the nation aren’t made small, further diminished or erased by this moment.

The Hub Collective will be unveiling over the course of the coming weeks a creative vision which will outline how we see our work contributing to the ongoing efforts of recovery and healing, providing youth and people of our country with tools to repair their emotional and creative wellbeing.

In addition we have a donor graphic and call that we have to share:

All images by Vincentian creative Anusha Jiandani

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