Clarissa Molina wants her own “reality show” Will she say goodbye to El Gordo y la Flaca?

An interview with Explica.

Clarissa molina It has among its objectives to conduct its own “reality show” because “there are still many stories to tell.” Molina expresses that he “always” likes to move “upwards”, that he does not like things that are easily obtained and that he has great respect for film acting.

To this former Miss Dominican Republic, host of the television program “The fat and the skinny” she likes challenges and thus assumes her election as one of the presenters of the Dominican Sovereign Awards that will be delivered in June.

Clarissa, “like a good Dominican”, affirms that she dances “until the commercials”, without leaving aside the merengue, bachata, salsa and urban rhythms.

Did you ever get into your head to drive the Sovereign Awards?

It was always in my heart to be on the most important stage in my country. I would dare to say that international people would also like to be on that important platform, but the fact that it has come into my life now represents a lot of hope for the new generation in communication, since I am young and within the same generation. I think there is a lot of hope for those people who yearn to be there that one day they will be given the opportunity.

Could we find out about your medium-term goal, a professional project that you are shaping?

Well yes, something that characterizes me is that I like to move up, what is the next step, never stay away, how can I continue to grow, what challenge do I set myself, I don’t like easy things, really, as you have realized (laughs) I want to have my own “reality show”, host those kinds of programs where there are still many stories to bring up, many issues that must be discussed.

How is Clarissa with the movies?

I’m working a lot on my training as an actress, I want to make great movies. In fact, I felt the difference between the first and the last movie. I have starred in three feature films and I am passionate about acting. I take that profession very seriously. I am taking classes in Los Angeles and in Miami, I believe that good preparation is the key.

Have you ever felt discrimination?

I think that everyone has gone through some uncomfortable moments (…) for being Latina, Dominican, having hair of a certain color, some feature that someone does not like. However, I am mentally prepared to achieve my goals regardless of the fact that certain people do not want to work with me, because they see me in this or that way. I don’t let discrimination get in the way.

And what about sexual harassment?

In this medium, suddenly comments are received, but in my case I have always put a barrier, I am a woman who comes from a family of principles and values, although my parents divorced when I was 12 years old, I already had those values ​​instilled in me very clearly. Today I apply them and I think that has helped me to draw a line from the beginning and I do not give room for anything else to happen.

Is this the best time for Latin talent in the United States?

I think so, in the United States, Latinos are finishing, sweeping, and Dominicans in particular have excelled a lot on these Hispanic platforms. I am happy that more doors continue to open for Hispanics to work in the entertainment media in this nation.

Do you have favorite artists, musical groups? Do you dance to all the rhythms or do you prefer one in particular?

I love music, with music I get sad, happy (…) I like many artists, but in particular I love Pablo Alborán, his music takes me to another dimension, I listen to him since I get up, in the gym, on the plane, fascinates me. As for the rhythms, as a good Dominican I love merengue, bachata, salsa, I dance to urban rhythms, the hot hit, I dance to advertisements (laughs).

The Dominican dishes that you prefer.

I love food, I have a good tooth, I usually eat everything. I brought the dishes from the Dominican Republic to Miami. I am fascinated by the ripe plantain pastelón, as well as the chicken stewed with rice with corn.

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